Advice for Common Scenarios What Should I Do If…?

1. I am sued for something that occurred during my work at UMD?

Contact the Office of General Counsel at 301-405-4945 for assistance at your earliest convenience.

2. I am sued, who will defend me?

The Office of the Attorney General for the State of Maryland will represent and defend the State of Maryland, its agencies, and employees in State and Federal courts when they are sued as long as the employees acted in good faith in the performance of their public duties and without malice or gross negligence. If you are sued in your capacity as a UMD employee, contact the Office of General Counsel.

3. I receive a court order or a subpoena or I am contacted by an outside attorney or regulator seeking information about my work or a student?

Contact the Office of General Counsel immediately.

4. I suspect or become aware of a fiscal irregularity at UMD involving, for example, fraudulent, unethical, or illegal business activity?

Review the USM Policy on Reporting Fiscal Irregularities and the UMD Procedures for Reporting Fiscal Irregularities. You may report the activity through the University System of Maryland Office of Internal Audit Fraud Hotline.

5. Someone has sent me a request (or wants to make a request) for certain written or electronic records in my possession including, for example, research data or records, student recommendations, e-mails.

You should forward the request immediately to the Office of General Counsel and direct the person to file the request through the UMD Maryland Public Information Act website. A decision will be made whether the materials requested are subject to that Act.