2019-20 Faculty Resource Guide

Have you ever had to:

  • Decide whether you could show a movie clip in one of your classes?
  • Travel internationally with sensitive data on a flash drive?
  • Evaluate the merits of forming a start-up company?
  • Comply with “FERPA” without understanding what “FERPA” is?

Dealing with situations that require specialized regulatory knowledge or resources can be challenging. Fortunately, many UMD departments are available to help faculty members navigate these and similar situations.

This 2019-20 Faculty Resource Guide is an annual publication of the Office of General Counsel. It presents FAQs related to teaching, supporting students, conducting research, and other common scenarios, and provides hotlinks to relevant web-based information and to offices that can provide assistance.

Your teaching, research and outreach are the engine that drives the University of Maryland and we want to support your success in all of these endeavors.

Have a wonderful school year! We look forward to working with you.

The UMD Office of General Counsel

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